Presenting Music Mondays

In order to keep myself blogging and to share my love of music, I am going to begin a series of blogs called Music Mondays. Music Mondays will feature a playlist of ten songs I am currently loving. Some may be new releases whilst others may be older but they will all be songs that I am listening to over and over again.

So with no further ado, here’s this week’s playlist!

1) Arctic Monkeys – Why’d you only call me when you’re high

Just amazingly catchy and so damn cool.

2) Toby Burke and George Michael – Waltz away dreaming

A George Michael song I had no idea existed until a scroll through his complete Discography. This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

3) The 1975 – Head.Cars.Bending

Glitchy, energetic – awesome song.

4) The 1975 – Pressure

I always overlooked this track on the album but recently I’ve fallen in love with it – very catchy and the lyrics are awesome.

5) Jake Bugg – Songs about love

Not overly keen on all of Jake’s stuff but he’s incredibly talented. Keep hearing this on the radio and it’s definitely my favourite track by him. Very acoustic based and a beautiful song.

6) Eric Clapton – Change the world

Was reminded of this when I found a video of Andy Brown (lead singer of Lawson) covering it on YouTube. Such a great acoustic based track which makes me smile a lot.

7) Neil Young – Harvest Moon

Heard this when watching the movie Eat Pray Love the other day and instantly fell in love with it. Very soft and very romantic. 

8) Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne – Rather be

There’s something very unique about this track and I love that. It’s so catchy and so upbeat, I really love it.

9) Beyonce – XO

This has had a lot of stick but it’s my favourite track Beyonce has ever done. I agree that lyrically it’s not the best and it’s quite generic for a Beyonce song but I find it really powerful, really emotive and very addictive. 

10) Coldplay – Magic

This was only released to the world today so this is brand spanking new! Again, it’s had a lot of stick from Coldplay fans about the change in music direction but I love this. I love Coldplay’s older stuff and I also love their newer sound too. I love this because it’s very chilled out and very special. I’ve already listened to this countless times today!


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