Music Monday – Volume Four

Bit of a strange combination of tracks this week, admittedly! There’s always a fair amount of diversity in my music taste but I think this week’s is the one to fully highlight that. Anyway, here’s the 10 songs I have been loving/listening to this past week.

1)      The 1975 – AntiChrist

I knew this song existed of course but for some unknown reason, I just never listened to it. I think I dismissed it as an instrumental off one of their E.Ps. How wrong I was though. Some fantastic, inquisitive lyrics and it’s an incredibly powerful song. The last minute really reminds me of something Coldplay might do. Awesome track.

2)      London Grammar – Hey Now

Similarly to the above, this is pretty haunting but very beautiful. Love this band.

3)      Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me

Heard this on Radio 1 again the other day and was reminded of what a great song it is. So chilled out despite it being a club track.

4)      George Michael – It doesn’t really matter

I’ve loved this ever since I stumbled across the ‘Older’ album last Summer. It’s so chilled-out and so perfect. It’s one of those songs where I can’t necessarily relate to what it was written about but it’s so personal that it still manages to come to mean something to you. The lyrics are perfect too.

5)      Melanie C & Lisa ‘Left eye’ Lopes – Never be the same again

I’m a massive Melanie C fan as many of you know. As well as loving The Spice Girls, Sporty Spice has always been my favourite and had the best voice. Her solo career is massively underrated and I own a great deal of her solo material which I love listening to. This song is just awesome and thankfully was a big hit over here. It’s just well written, a perfect pop track and I love the randomness of having Lisa Lopes rap on a Spice Girl solo track!

6)      Drake – Find your love

Heard this on the Nixtape on Radio 1 last week and was reminded of what an awesome song it is. Not a fan of Drake at all but this is the only song he’s ever done that I’ve thought anything of. Love the production, the beats, the chords and it’s just a great tune.

7)      George Michael – Though

Beautiful penultimate track off George’s ‘Patience’ album. Very personal and very underrated.

8)      Jennifer Lopez – Baby I Love U!

Perfect pop cheese. My favourite track in this week’s playlist! This happens to be my favourite J-Lo song ever. SO good.

9)      Wayne Wonder – No letting go

A classic that I’d forgotten about! Again, heard this on The Nixtape and was reminded of this awesome song. Gives me some beautiful fond memories of Summer 2003 listening to this really loud 🙂

10)   Shola Ama – You Might Need Somebody

Not the original of course but a bloody good version. Really fantastic version of a great song.


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