Music Monday – Volume Six

1)      Mutya Buena/Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Such a great song. Obviously the original is the definitive version but I love Mutya’s version too. People may scoff as it’s an ex-Sugababe member but she has a really distinctive tone and it’s a fab version.

2)      Leanne Mitchell – To love someone like you

Winner of the first series of The Voice UK who disappeared quickly from the public eye. A real shame too – she has an incredible voice. Anyway, this song is truly special and very beautiful. It reminds me of something Whitney might have done in her career.

3)      Kelly Rowland – Train on a track

This was something suggested to me on Spotify based on my listening habits and I’m so glad it was. Such a smooth, beautiful song and I can’t get enough of it right now.

4)      Eric Clapton – Blue Eyes Blue

Gorgeous song – very soppy but I love it so much. Definitely check this one out.

5)      The 1975 – Falling for You

This is really chilled-out and beautiful. We all know that sense of awareness we have of falling for somebody and this song documents that.

6)      Eurythmics – There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)

I’ve heard this a couple of times recently and have been reminded of what a great track it is. LOVE Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart is an amazing writer/musician.

7)      Joni Mitchell – Both sides now

One of my favourite songs of all time. I love the original but the version I love most is a jazz version Joni recorded in 2000. I first came across it in ‘Love Actually’ during one of the most heartbreaking scenes in a movie ever. It’s just an absolutely stunning song. Was reminded of this by the gorgeous version by Sally on The Voice UK.

8)      John Waite – Missing You

Another track I was reminded of after a performance on The Voice UK. This reminds me of a crush I had a few years ago!

9)      Vanessa Carlton – Thousand Miles

One of the greatest piano-based pop songs ever written. I adore the piano instrumentation on this track and it’s such a sweet song.

10)   Gary Barlow – Lie to Me

One of the greatest Barlow compositions ever and yet it’s pretty heartbreaking it never got the recognition it deserved. It could have been a massive single. So emotive, so well-written and the production is so polished. Gary Barlow’s song-writing at its best.


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