Music Monday – Volume Seven

I’d say this is perhaps my most heavily modern weighted playlist yet! I’m just really loving a lot of the current chart music at the moment which is pretty rare for me. Hope you’ll discover some new songs through this playlist and remember to check back every Monday where I’ll post my ten favourite songs of the moment.

1)      Gary Barlow – Jump

Beautiful song co-written by Gary with another of my favourite writers – Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane. I’ve always found it a greatly inspiring song but hearing it live and seeing the visuals at Gary’s 02 Arena gig I attended last week made me fall even deeper in love with it.

2)      Mr Probz – Waves (Robin Shulz remix)

Love the feel of this track. So chilled out yet so catchy – loving hearing this on Radio One at the moment.

3)      Kings of Leon – Temple

Love a bit of Kings of Leon! This reminds me a little of their previous song ‘Supersoaker’ which I also love. Just catchy and fantastic as always.

4)      Duke Dumont – I got you

I know this has been around for a while now but I’ve only just sat up and took notice of it! My love for this track grows with every listen – it is SO catchy and so summery. Cannot get enough of this. Best thing about this track is the steel pans!

5)      John Mayer – The Age Of Worry

I’ve loved this for ages but only fully paid attention to the lyrics of this track lately. So inspiring.

6)      Katy Perry – Birthday

SO glad Katy has decided to release this track as her next single. It’s my favourite from ‘Prism’ – full of cheeky innuendo and so incredibly catchy.

7)      Sigma –  Nobody to love

I wasn’t sure what to make of this on the first few listens but it’s so damn irresistible. Repetitive but awesomely catchy.

8)      Whitney Houston – I have nothing

I watched ‘The Bodyguard’ which happens to be one of my favourite films on Saturday night and so I’ve been going through a Whitney obsession again. This track was kinda overshadowed by ‘I will always love you’ but it’s still my favourite from the soundtrack. Incredible song and as always, Whitney’s voice was flawless.

9)      Whitney Houston – I will always love you

Despite its fame I was never really fussed about this song until a couple of years ago. It’s just a beautiful interpretation of an original track by Dolly Parton. Definitely one of the greatest, if not THE greatest pop vocal performance of all time.

10)   John Mayer – Queen of California

This sounds so great in the sun as it’s SO summery. Been listening to this loads recently.


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