Music Monday – Volume Nine

1)      Snow Patrol – Just Say Yes

Forgot what an incredible song this is. Been listening to it loads this week – so catchy, so honest and so different from what Snow Patrol normally do. Love it and I love them.

2)      The Castro Family/The 1975 – Chocolate

Everyone knows Chocolate is one of my all time favourite songs. I usually hate YouTube covers as people tend to make it into a ballad which just doesn’t work. Part of its charm is the catchiness! LOVE this interpretation though! A little cheesy but love the harmonies and the arrangement.

3)      Roxette – Wish I could fly

One of the most beautiful songs ever and one of my all time favourites. So underrated. Love the pairing of the orchestra and drum machine. Special song for me.

4)      Genesis – Throwing it all away

This kept coming on during Shuffle and I love it so much! Love Genesis and Phil Collins anyway but I’m really enjoying this song at the moment.

5)      Prince – Purple Rain

Prince is one of my music heroes. This is so depressing and so long but sometimes it’s so necessary! It’s an incredible song, very emotive and powerful and the length is needed. I used to think it was perhaps too long but these days I appreciate the whole piece. Electric.


6)      The Vamps – Another World

I dismissed The Vamps a while ago but I gave their album a listen and I really love it! The second half in particular. I can’t get enough of this song at the moment. Generic maybe but very beautiful.

7)      R. Kelly – Happy People

I remember hearing this on the car journey home from a theme park when I was around ten years old. It’s just such a smooth, happy song that always makes me feel great. R.Kelly is a musical genius.

8)      Coldplay – Oceans

SO in love with this and so excited for the album. Very beautiful and very reminiscent of the Parachutes era.

9)      Keane  – Bedshaped

So, so beautiful. Keane are one of my favourite bands and this song is just stunning. Love the video too.

10)   George Michael – Kissing a fool

Only found this recently but I love it! So jazzy, so chilled. Definitely one of George’s more underrated songs.


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