Music Monday – Volume Fifteen

1)      Sam Smith – Restart

SO catchy. I have no idea why this is only available on the deluxe edition because it’s probably my highlight of the album.

2)      Darius – Maliblue

I found this in someone’s summer playlist on Spotify. A really catchy electro track.

3)      Ella Henderson – Ghost

Heard this on the radio the other day and loved it. Had no idea who it was until Grimmy mentioned after and it was a pleasant surprise! I always liked Ella on the X Factor but wasn’t sure if she’d go anywhere after the show. This is easily one of the best songs around at the moment so she’s heading in the right direction! Co-written by one of my favourite songwriters, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder.

4)     Laura Mvula – She

LOVE this. The harmonies are gorgeous and it’s just a very powerful, beautiful song.

5)      Alexia Keys & John Mayer – Lesson learned

Beautiful song by two very talented artists. Very chilled out.

6)      Peter Andre – I feel you

Bit of 90’s cheese. I know he’s not liked by any but I really like him as a person and as an artist. Love this soppy ballad 🙂

7)      Matt Cardle – It’s only love

This man is so bloody underrated. Such a talented guy. Really love this song.

8)      Kelly Rowland – Can’t nobody

Bit of a throwback. Really love how catchy this is.

9)      Usher – Good kisser

So damn catchy. Love those dreamy harmonies!

10)   Laura Mvula – Yellow

The original by Coldplay is one of my favourite songs of all time. I love Laura Mvula and I found her performance of this the other day on YouTube and fell in love with her all over again. One of the most talented women to emerge from the UK in years. Stunning piano-vocal version of a beautiful song. Some of those chords give me goosebumps!


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