Music Monday – Volume Sixteen

1)      Drake & Alicia Keys – Fireworks

Not a massive fan of Drake but I really love this song. Pretty dark but nice and emotive. Love Alicia Keys too, very talented.

2)      Snoop Dogg – Different Languages

Found this in a Summer playlist and have been really enjoying it.

3)      Passion Pitt – Sleepyhead

So damn catchy.

4)      Le Youth – Cool

Heard this at a party once and fell in love. Ridiculously catchy.

5)      Oasis – Champagne Supernova

Heard a cover of this by The Pretty Reckless in Radio 1’s live lounge and really enjoyed it. Then checked out the original and haven’t stopped listening to it since. Amazing song. One of the best closing tracks to an album ever.

6)      Lana Del Rey –West coast

Love how dreamy this is. Bits of it remind me of ‘Pure Shores’ by All Saints – another amazing summer track.

7)      Ella Henderson – Ghost

A pleasant surprise by a former X Factor contestant. Amazing, catchy song co-written by one of my favourite songwriters, OneRepublic front man, Ryan Tedder.

8)      Arctic Monkeys – Snap out of it

Love the feel of this track.

9)      Example- Stay with me


10)   Oasis – Don’t go away

I’d never heard this before but I have fallen head over heels in love with it. SO beautiful.


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