Music Monday – Volume Seventy Six

1) Grimes, Bleachers – Entropy

Impossibly catchy indie-pop track on which American indie-pop band Bleachers team up with Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes. Minimalistic instrumentation is coated with Grimes’ syrupy and melodic vocals.

2) One Direction – End of the Day

Euphoric arena anthem which remains loyal to the boyband’s signature sound. Awesome track.

3) One Direction – Love You Goodbye

One Direction ballads are always exceptional and this is no exception. Taken from the band’s final (at least for now) album ‘Made in the A.M.’, this is emotive and heartfelt with catchy ‘hey, hey, hey’s’ and gorgeous  weeping electric guitars. One of their best tracks.

4) One Direction – Long Way Down

Lovely, gentle acoustic-based track from ‘Made in the A.M.’ It’s one of the more reflective tracks and the Chorus is rather low-key but this is part of what makes it so endearing. In places it sounds rather like Lady Antebellum and these Country elements work beautifully.

5) One Direction – What a Feeling

One Direction channel Fleetwood Mac on this ’80’s synthpop-influenced pop track. It’s one of the stand-out moments from latest album ‘Made in the A.M’ with funky guitar riffs and gorgeous, rich layered harmonies.

6) Ben Haenow – All Yours

Brilliant euphoric pop from last year’s X Factor winner Ben Haenow.

7) Ben Haenow – Testify

Epic gospel-influenced track from Ben Haenow’s début album. The drum loop is fierce and the gospel choir adds an extra depth to the track. It’s the best track on the album and is crying out to be a single.

8) Ben Haenow – Greatest Mistake

One of the stronger tracks Ben Haenow’s début album. The Chorus is incredibly catchy and his raspy vocals sound fierce on it. Great track.

9) Justin Bieber – Company

Sultry and irresistibly catchy pop track with a funky bass line & elements of tropical house. Bieber at his best.

10) Justin Bieber – Been You

Bonus track on the deluxe version of Justin’s latest album ‘Purpose’. Incredibly catchy electropop-influenced track more than strong enough to have been included on the standard edition of the album.



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