Music Monday – Volume Seventy Seven

1) Troye Sivan – Wild

Incredibly catchy synthpop track featuring eerie electro elements and crashing percussion.

2) Troye Sivan ft. Broods – Ease

Another brilliant and sincere track from Troye Sivan.

3) Lucy Rose – Till The End

Strong 90’s vibes on this incessantly catchy track. Mirroring All Saints’ ‘Pure Shores’ with distorted trip-hop styled percussion, pretty piano riffs and funky guitars, it’s an awesome & uplifting track.

4) Jason Reeves – Back With Me

Gorgeous acoustic ballad.

5) Crissi Cochrane – Pretty Words

Gorgeous acoustic ballad with lovely Sara Bareillies/Christina Perri-like vocals.

6) Amelia Lily – You Bring Me Joy

Was reminded how awesome this track is at the gym the other day. Awesome and underrated pop-rock track.

7) Adele – When We Were Young

Gorgeous emotive ballad which completely blows ‘Hello’ out of the water.

8) Take That – Will You Be There For Me?

Gorgeous and vulnerable ballad from Take That’s re-packaged ‘III’ album. It carries an R&B-like vibe and is beautiful from start to finish.

9) Take That – Bird In Your Hand

Stunning synthpop ballad with lush layered harmonies and a gorgeous vocal performance from Mark Owen.

10) Troye Sivan – Fools

Brilliant pop track which opens tentatively with gorgeous piano chords before evolving into a jittery R&B track.


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