FEATURE: Ko JazZ – Jazz Daniels EP

Ko Jazz delivers his latest project Jazz Daniels EP, an EP comprised of a rich jazz/hip-hop fusion. It’s a polished, bold and substantial piece of work from the chilled-out jazz-influenced ‘Honey On The Rocks‘ to the heavier hip-hop ‘The Brewery‘.

You can read the overview of the EP supplied to us below:

The unsung hero of iLLustrious, KoJazz finally delivers his newest project, Jazz Daniels EP, which is entirely produced by in-house beatmaker, Solidified. The most ambitious element of KoJazz’s sprawling Jazz Daniels EP was its attempt to trace the pervasive ills of his drinking habits and cleverly providing drunken tales throughout hypnotic production. The conceptual idea was spawned by Token Photo and Jazz’ liquor of choice. KoJazz raps about the highs and lows of alcohol consumption. The project features Bishop, MeRCY, Rell Burgundy, YoAmanduh and others which all came through with stellar guest appearances. Producer Solidified, provided sonically the perfect backdrop on every record that you often find yourself drunken with amazement. Whether you find yourself texting your EX because of “Drunk EXting” or confessing your sins due to “I Swear To Drunk, I Ain’t God”; KoJazz gotta song for everyone. There’s a message in the bottle. Make sure to listen responsibly.

Standout Track: Gentleman Jazz

KoJazz – Jazz Daniels EP // Entirely Produced by Solidified


Listen to the EP below:


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