Remembering Prince…

You may have noticed we are taking a little hiatus here at The Music Box. This is due to work commitments and it is hugely difficult to run a blog alone! Bear with us and we’ll have more content up as soon as we have some time to prepare it!

We just wanted to break our silence to express our shock and sadness over the death of Prince. He was nothing short of a musical genius – blurring boundaries between all genres of music, being one of the most underrated guitarists and vocalists of all time. He was a global icon, incredible songwriter and a true artist; one we will never again see in our lifetime. Similarly to Michael Jackson, he was one of a kind whose career spanned over thirty years, hopping from genre to genre and reinvented himself multiple times, remaining ever-relevant.

We plan to upload much more Prince-themed content when we get a moment but we just wanted to respond at the appropriate time.

Sometimes it Snows in April.

RIP Prince.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us and for being the soundtrack to millions of lives all over the world.


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