Music Monday – Volume Ninety Six

1. Jessie Ware – Till The End

Gorgeous, gentle and soulful ballad which uses little more than warm acoustic guitar strums, gentle percussion and subtle bass lines. Jessie’s voice is exquisite as always.

2. Shura – What’s It Gonna Be

Shura returns with this brilliant and breezy pop track which practically screams summer. Utilising various detuned synthesisers, gated percussion and Shura’s sugary sweet vocals, it’s a perfect throwback to the ’80’s. One of the best tracks of 2016 so far.


3. Whitney – No Matter Where We Go

Uplifting alternative rock track from Chicago band ‘Whitney’. Definitely has a ’70’s vibe.

4. SG Lewis – Yours

Precarious hip hop beats and shimmering synthesisers with glitchy vocal samples result in a moody downtempo alternative-R&B track with elements of neo-soul and electronica.

5. Justin Bieber – Company

Without a doubt, one of Bieber’s best on his incredible ‘Purpose’ album and a fine choice as a single. It’s a brooding, sultry electropop track with tight production and fierce percussion.

6. Before You Exit – Other Kids

Euphoric pop-rock anthem with glitchy electro samples. A quick listen and this could easily be mistaken for a One Direction track, the vocals at times being uncannily similar, but this is no bad thing.

7. Before You Exit – Radiate

Another euphoric stadium-pop track from the band’s ‘All The Lights’ EP with brilliant production.

8. Cash Cash ft Sofia Reyes – How To Love

Sunny tropical house track which does not particularly break the mould but is an enjoyable listen all the same.

9. DNCE – Toothbrush

Joe Jonas’ band follow up huge smash ‘Cake by the Ocean’ with this brilliantly funky pop track. Much in the same vein as ‘Cake by the Ocean’, ‘Toothbrush’ uses slick production, Chic-esque guitar riffs and a gorgeous falsetto chorus. Catchy as hell.

10. KAYTRANDA & Craig David – GOT IT GOOD

Moody neo-soul influenced electro track from Haitian-Canadian musician Kaytranada with a little help from Craig David on vocals.


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