Christmas Crackers – Day 8

1) CHRISTMAS CRACKER: Elton John – Step Into Christmas

2) CINNAMON COVER: Andy Burrows & Tom Odell – Step Into Christmas

3) WINTER WARMER: East Seventeen – Stay Another Day


Check back everyday this month for more festive hits!


Christmas Crackers – Day 3

1) CHRISTMAS CRACKER: The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping

2) CINNAMON COVER: Spice Girls – Christmas Wrapping

3) WINTER WARMER: Kate Bush – December Will Be Magic Again


Check back everyday this month for more festive hits!

Music Monday – Volume Seven

I’d say this is perhaps my most heavily modern weighted playlist yet! I’m just really loving a lot of the current chart music at the moment which is pretty rare for me. Hope you’ll discover some new songs through this playlist and remember to check back every Monday where I’ll post my ten favourite songs of the moment.

1)      Gary Barlow – Jump

Beautiful song co-written by Gary with another of my favourite writers – Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane. I’ve always found it a greatly inspiring song but hearing it live and seeing the visuals at Gary’s 02 Arena gig I attended last week made me fall even deeper in love with it.

2)      Mr Probz – Waves (Robin Shulz remix)

Love the feel of this track. So chilled out yet so catchy – loving hearing this on Radio One at the moment.

3)      Kings of Leon – Temple

Love a bit of Kings of Leon! This reminds me a little of their previous song ‘Supersoaker’ which I also love. Just catchy and fantastic as always.

4)      Duke Dumont – I got you

I know this has been around for a while now but I’ve only just sat up and took notice of it! My love for this track grows with every listen – it is SO catchy and so summery. Cannot get enough of this. Best thing about this track is the steel pans!

5)      John Mayer – The Age Of Worry

I’ve loved this for ages but only fully paid attention to the lyrics of this track lately. So inspiring.

6)      Katy Perry – Birthday

SO glad Katy has decided to release this track as her next single. It’s my favourite from ‘Prism’ – full of cheeky innuendo and so incredibly catchy.

7)      Sigma –  Nobody to love

I wasn’t sure what to make of this on the first few listens but it’s so damn irresistible. Repetitive but awesomely catchy.

8)      Whitney Houston – I have nothing

I watched ‘The Bodyguard’ which happens to be one of my favourite films on Saturday night and so I’ve been going through a Whitney obsession again. This track was kinda overshadowed by ‘I will always love you’ but it’s still my favourite from the soundtrack. Incredible song and as always, Whitney’s voice was flawless.

9)      Whitney Houston – I will always love you

Despite its fame I was never really fussed about this song until a couple of years ago. It’s just a beautiful interpretation of an original track by Dolly Parton. Definitely one of the greatest, if not THE greatest pop vocal performance of all time.

10)   John Mayer – Queen of California

This sounds so great in the sun as it’s SO summery. Been listening to this loads recently.

31 days of Christmas

Day 31 Dina Carroll – The Perfect Year

So here we are! Last song in my 31 days of Christmas playlist and the last day of 2013. I thought this would be a perfect song to include as my last song in my playlist.

This is such a beautiful song which is originally from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Sunset Boulevard. It’s not really a Christmas song but is often regarded as such due to its reference of a new year. The lyrics are great and the track just screams 90’s! I love it. Such a silky smooth track and Dina’s voice is wonderful on it. True talent.

If you’ve followed my 31 days of Christmas playlist then thank you! It means a lot to know people actually read these and that I’m not just chatting away to myself 😉 I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed reading these entries as much as I have writing them. I promise to continue to blog on other matters in this next year. I hope you have a very happy new year.


31 days of Christmas

Day 30 David Bowie and Bing Crosby – Peace On Earth/Little drummer boy

This is a last minute addition into my playlist, replacing another track. It was difficult to make this decision but after much thought, I realised I much preferred this song and couldn’t possibly exclude it! The song ‘Little drummer boy’ on its own does nothing for me. It’s a nice song but with nothing much to it. This, however, is another story. This is a combination of the 1941 song ‘Little drummer boy’, with a counter point (‘Peace on earth’) added to it.

Bing Crosby and David Bowie are both legends in their own right but this combination is just fantastic. Their voices blend so well to each other and it’s a beautiful performance. I think the two songs work fantastically together and it’s just perfect.

31 days of Christmas

Day 29 Lady Antebellum – On This Winter’s Night

This is one of the more modern inclusions in my Christmas song playlist. I discovered this song this year after recalling that Lady Antebellum had released a Christmas album last year. I love this band, I think their songs are awesome and full of meaning. They are such a great addition to the Country music scene because they blend it with pop making it more accessible to the younger generation. Let’s face it ‘Need you now’ is a classic!

I fell in love with this song, the only original on the album, straight away. It’s so soft, so festive and beautiful. It reminds me of ‘Silent night’ with a country and R&B twist. Sounds strange but listen and you’ll hear what I mean. The harmonies are stunning and I love the call and response “On this winter’s night (We’ll look back on the year we’ve had) On this winter’s night (we’ll count our blessings)” – it’s just beautifully written and beautifully sung. It’s even got a children’s choir!

A fine addition to Christmas music.

31 days of Christmas

Day 28 Jona Lewie – Stop The Cavalry

This is one fine song. It supplies me with plenty of memories of me and my younger brother mucking around when we were younger pretending to play the brass instruments heard in the song! Good times. This is one of those more political Christmas tunes which manages to avoid the cheese-factor by having a more meaningful message than perhaps some other festive songs do.

Interestingly, this was apparently never written as a Christmas song, instead as just a protest song. It’s December release, the line ‘Wish I was at home for Christmas’ and brass band arrangements just made it appropriate to be played at Christmas time.

Great song.

31 days of Christmas

Day 27 Dean Martin – Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Another classic, this is an awesome song. It’s really simple and is relatively short for a pop song but that’s part of what makes it so enchanting. There’s been countless interpretations of this song and I do love most I’ve heard although Dean Martin’s remains my favourite. I just love his voice on his version.

Other versions I’ve heard and have thoroughly enjoyed include Kylie Minogue, John Legend and Rod Stewart.

31 days of Christmas

Day 26 Andy Williams – Happy Holiday (The Holiday Season)

I absolutely adore this song! This year my love for the classics has grown – I’ve developed a love for Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams and more. They just have such rich, pure voices and I love listening to them on a Sunday morning. I’ve always enjoyed this song but I’ve grown to appreciate it more in the last couple of years. It’s apparently a song created out of two other songs ‘Happy Holiday’ (a short song in the movie ‘White Christmas’) and ‘The Holiday Season’. It’s so happy, so Christmassy and just an awesome song. My Mum also loves this song so it always reminds me of her 🙂

31 days of Christmas

Day 25 Michael Buble – Cold December Night

Merry Christmas everybody!

I absolutely adore Michael Buble’s Christmas album and could have selected any track from it but I have chosen the one original track ‘Cold December Night’. I love this song as it’s so cheerful and catchy –  everything a Christmas song should be!

Mr Buble is the perfect soundtrack to Christmas 🙂