Music Monday – Volume Ninety Nine

1) TIEKS & Dan Harkna – Sunshine (Acoustic Version)

Gorgeous acoustic guitar version of the smash summer dance hit which almost surpasses the original.

2) Carly Rae Jepsen – Roses

Sweet Pop ballad with jittery synthesizers, thunderous percussion and Jepsen’s syrupy vocals. Taken from her new EP comprised of eight outtakes from her brilliant album ‘Emotion’.

3) Mac Miller & Anderson Paak – Dang!

American rapper Mac Miller teams up with Anderson . Paak on this subtle, chilled-out tropical-house influenced hip hop track. Buoyant yet laid back, this is a huge record.

4) Tom Chaplin – Quicksand

Keane frontman Tom Chaplin goes it alone on this fantastic pop debut. Co-written by Matt Hales (better known as Aqualung), this triumphant pop track is the lead single from Tom’s forthcoming debut album ‘The Wave’. It doesn’t stray far from Keane’s sound (in fact, it is essentially a Keane song) but it works in Tom’s favour.

5) John Legend – Start

John Legend does what he does best on this schmaltzy piano ballad. A stunning love song, ‘Start’ is taken from the soundtrack of ‘Southside With You’ which utilises nothing but John’s gorgeous falsetto and tender piano chords.





Music Monday – Volume Ninety Seven

1) Shura – Make It Up

Shura follows huge summer smash ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ with a gentler yet still funky track from upcoming album ‘Nothing’s Real’. ‘Make It Up’ is evidently inspired by 80’s synthpop and at times mirrors the likes of Haim and MUNA.

2) Adele – Remedy

Adele does what she does best – powerfully delivering a piano ballad – on this beautiful track from platinum selling album ’25’.

3) Maxwell – Gods

Slick and smooth track from neo-soul guru Maxwell, taken from upcoming album ‘BlackSUMMERS’ night’.

4) Campsite – Try Again

Campsite modernise and re-energise Aaliyah’s 2001 R&B smash into an EDM/tropical house track. It’s not necessarily the most innovative of re-workings but it works well and serves well in regards to the feel-good factor.

5) All Tvvins- These 4 Words

Irish duo All Tvvins return with this huge, catchy pop-rock track. Slick production and an electrifying chorus result in this energising track.

6) Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons – Sucker For Pain

In one of the most unlikely combinations of the year, American rock band Imagine Dragons team up with rappers Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa on this R&B/Rock track, lifted from the soundtrack of Suicide Squad.

7) The Avalanches – Subways

Funky disco-flavoured track from Australian electronic music group The Avalanches. Frisky bass lines, glistening synths and distorted vocals give this a late 70’s disco feel.

8) Berhana – Grey Luh

Fierce alternative R&B/neo-soul track from Berhana. The minimalist backing track works perfectly with the rich vocals.

9) Nina Sky – Champion Lover

Brilliant Caribbean-infused R&B track from American R&B duo Nina Sky. Buoyant percussion, squeaky synths and slick production result in a huge summer smash hit.

10) Miguel – Do You? (Live from Spotify SXSW Sessions)

Miguel still proves to be one of the world’s most underrated R&B artists. Fusing his rich tone with retro-inspired guitar riffs, dreamy layered harmonies and a frisky rhythm section, Miguel flirts with both metaphorical and literal references to drugs.


Music Monday – Volume Ninety Six

1. Jessie Ware – Till The End

Gorgeous, gentle and soulful ballad which uses little more than warm acoustic guitar strums, gentle percussion and subtle bass lines. Jessie’s voice is exquisite as always.

2. Shura – What’s It Gonna Be

Shura returns with this brilliant and breezy pop track which practically screams summer. Utilising various detuned synthesisers, gated percussion and Shura’s sugary sweet vocals, it’s a perfect throwback to the ’80’s. One of the best tracks of 2016 so far.


3. Whitney – No Matter Where We Go

Uplifting alternative rock track from Chicago band ‘Whitney’. Definitely has a ’70’s vibe.

4. SG Lewis – Yours

Precarious hip hop beats and shimmering synthesisers with glitchy vocal samples result in a moody downtempo alternative-R&B track with elements of neo-soul and electronica.

5. Justin Bieber – Company

Without a doubt, one of Bieber’s best on his incredible ‘Purpose’ album and a fine choice as a single. It’s a brooding, sultry electropop track with tight production and fierce percussion.

6. Before You Exit – Other Kids

Euphoric pop-rock anthem with glitchy electro samples. A quick listen and this could easily be mistaken for a One Direction track, the vocals at times being uncannily similar, but this is no bad thing.

7. Before You Exit – Radiate

Another euphoric stadium-pop track from the band’s ‘All The Lights’ EP with brilliant production.

8. Cash Cash ft Sofia Reyes – How To Love

Sunny tropical house track which does not particularly break the mould but is an enjoyable listen all the same.

9. DNCE – Toothbrush

Joe Jonas’ band follow up huge smash ‘Cake by the Ocean’ with this brilliantly funky pop track. Much in the same vein as ‘Cake by the Ocean’, ‘Toothbrush’ uses slick production, Chic-esque guitar riffs and a gorgeous falsetto chorus. Catchy as hell.

10. KAYTRANDA & Craig David – GOT IT GOOD

Moody neo-soul influenced electro track from Haitian-Canadian musician Kaytranada with a little help from Craig David on vocals.

Music Monday – Volume Ninety Five

1) All Saints – Fear

Gorgeous, eerie electro-ballad from All Saints’ comeback album. Distant twinkling pianos, tribal percussion and infinitely reverberating vocals all result in a very special, substantial ballad.


2) All Saints – Who Hurt Who

Another gorgeous ballad from the band’s comeback album, although this time it is a pure and raw piano ballad.


3) All Saints – Red Flag

R&B/Hip Hop elements all evolve into a quirky alt-R&B track with a brilliant chorus where giggling synthesisers and thunderous percussion soar.


4) Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

Utterly brilliant comeback single from JT. Piano chords and finger clicks evolve into a fantastically catchy disco-pop Summer smash. One of the best songs of 2016 so far.


5) Before You Exit – When I’m Gone

Moody and brooding with stuttering percussion, pitch-moderated glitchy vocal samples and crashing synths, resulting in an utterly brilliant Pop track.


6) The 1975 – A Change of Heart

Gentle 808 percussion, jittery synthesisers and monotone vocals result in this brilliantly frank yet emotional 80’s-influenced pop track. Clearly influenced by the likes of The Blue Nile and Madonna’s ‘Crazy For You’, it’s just brilliant, particularly during the breakdown on which Matt Healy sings She said “I’ve been so worried ’bout you lately, you look s**t and you smell a bit”. The intertextuality/references to the band’s previous works ‘Robbers’ and ‘The City’ are also incredibly clever.


7) Liss – Good Enough

Danish teenage band Liss are quickly taking the world by storm, largely propelled in the UK by being championed by Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. Their music straddles various genres such as synthpop, alt-R&B and neo-soul, often with a very care-free tone. This track is no exception.


8) MUNA – Loudspeaker

Catchy Pop-Rock track with energising guitar riffs and a brilliant chorus.


9) Niki and The Dove – You Want The Sun

Great track with a very retro-vibe.

10) Mic Lowry – Saving All My Love

Smooth and soulful acoustic track by UK vocal group Mic Lowry. Perfect breezy harmonies carry this lovely track.

Music Monday – Volume Ninety Four

1) Nathan Sykes & G-Eazy– Give It Up

Ex member of The Wanted, Nathan Sykes returns with another brilliant single from his upcoming début album. Featuring rapper G-Eazy, ‘Give It Up‘ is a huge, catchy R&B track with funky guitar riffs and slick production.

2) Alesso featuring Nico & Vinz– I Wanna Know

Swedish producer Alesso returns with this huge club track. Featuring vocals from African-Norwegian duo Nico and Vinz, (best known for their number one smash ‘Am I Wrong’) it’s a low-key, chilled-out approach to club music through its avoidance of loud synths, instead utilising wailing guitars in a similar fashion to Robin Schulz’ remix of Mr Probz’ ‘Waves‘.

3) The Last Shadow Puppets – Miracle Aligner

Brilliant psychedelic rock track, featuring baroque-pop and experimental rock influences by British super-group The Last Shadow Puppets. The chorus avoids making a big deal out of itself, yet is effortlessly catchy.

4) All Saints – One Woman Man

Another dramatic and massive pop track from All Saints. Taken from their new album ‘Red Flag’, luscious harmonies soar over orchestral riffs and thunderous percussion.

5) Bry – Don’t Go Alone

Irish Singer-Songwriter/YouTube blogger Bry releases this euphoric pop-rock track, the first single from his début album.

6) Chelsea Lankes – Secret

Brilliant electro-pop track from Texas musician Chelsea Lankes. Sugary, almost-whispered vocals over distorted guitar riffs evolve into an infectiously catchy chorus.

7) Raye – Distraction

South-London singer-songwriter Raye returns with this massive R&B track comprised of electro-elements, hip-hop beats and sweeping strings. Both the track and her vocals are often reminiscent of Rihanna at her best.

8) Michael Franti & Spearhead– Crazy For You

Soulful and uplifting track comprised of funky guitar riffs and plenty of brass instrumentation. Brilliantly catchy.

9) Ben Watt – Fever Dream

Gentle and relaxing acoustic-based track by English singer-songwriter Ben Watt. Released ahead of his upcoming album with the same title, it is a collaboration with fellow musician Bernard Butler.

10) KAYTRANADA & Anderson Paak – Glowed Up

Canadian music producer Kaytranada teams up with Californian singer and rapper Anderson Paak on this alternative R&B/neo soul fusion. Utilising hip-hop and soul, it’s a chilled out track with a retro vibe.

Music Monday – Volume Ninety Three

1) DNCE – Cake By the Ocean

Disco-influenced Pop track by DNCE – the project of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee. Abundant with driving bass lines, funky guitar riffs and fierce percussion, it’s a huge Pop smash with tight production by in-demand Swedish producers Mattman and Robin.

2) All Saints – One Strike

Fiery and powerful R&B track which marks the return of one of the UK’s best girlbands. Written by member Shaznay Lewis with Pete Hutchings (who also produced the track), it’s inspired by the breakdown of group member Nicole Appleton’s marriage to Liam Gallagher. It’s success is its minimalistic production, featuring various rattling percussion, steering synths and infectious chant-like melodies.

3) Birdy – Wild Horses

Birdy strips back her sound again after the up-tempo indie pop of ‘Keeping Your Head Up’. Written with Snow Patrol’s John McDaid, it’s a powerful ballad with thunderous percussion, gospel piano chords and Birdy’s exquisite vocals.

4) Zayn – tRuTh

Zayn delivers a lazy summer neo-soul track with soulful retro guitar chords, giggling synthesisers, low-key brass instruments and Malik’s soaring falsetto vocals. Lyrically, it seemingly addresses Zayn’s dissatisfaction of his time in One Direction and exemplifies Zayn’s evolving maturity. It’s one of the best tracks from Zayn’s début album ‘Mind of Mine’ and a compelling listen.

5) Zayn – fLoWer

Haunting interlude from Zayn’s debut album. Singing in Urdu in reference to his cultural heritage, Zayn shows a side to him never seen before, warbling over gentle guitar strums and eerie synthesisers.

6) Zayn – dRuNk

Moody, brooding and sultry alternative R&B track and another of the best tracks from Zayn’s début album. Crooning over precarious percussion and wailing guitars, it mirrors Chris Brown circa the ‘Graffiti’ album as he boasts of being ‘drunk all summer’.

7) Eliza and the Bear – Friends

Uplifting and euphoric alternative rock track from London-based band Eliza and the Bear. Despite its slightly repetitive nature, its elevating tone compensates for it.

8) DJ Snake & Bipolar Sunshine – Middle

French producer DJ Snake (best known for 2015 smash dance hit ‘Lean On’) teams up with English singer Bipolar Sunshine on this Trap and EDM fusion. It’s a great track with an infectious hook.

9) The Beach – Home

Gentle acoustic based track with subtle electro elements.

10) Sam Sure – Catching Feelings

Euphoric electro-track from up and coming singer-songwriter Sam Sure. The London-based singer signed to a record label last year and has since received airplay on Radio 1, being championed by Annie Mac various times.

Music Monday – Volume Ninety Two

1) Kendrick Lamar – These Walls

The american rapper throws a curveball on this neo-soul influenced hip hop track. Breezy, light and reflective, it’s a brilliant track and one of Lamar’s best.

2) Mark Pritchard – Beautiful People

Gentle electronic track which drifts effortlessly throughout its six minute duration.

3) Zayn – SHe

Brilliant alt-R&B track with moody guitar riffs, an awesomely catchy chorus and polished production. It’s carried by buoyant beats and Zayn’s syrupy vocals. One of his best.

4) Digital Farm Animals – Wanna Know

Buoyant house track with a brilliantly catchy hook.

5) White Denim – Take It Easy

Soulful and relaxed track with a retro vibe. Utilising little more than organic percussion, bright keys, jazzy riffs, funky bass lines and beautiful falsetto vocals, it’s a lovely track.

6) ROMANS – Silence (ALUNA GEORGE Edit)

Chipmunk-esque pitch-moderated vocal samples, hip hop beats and reverberating soulful vocals carry this brilliant and powerful track.


Elusive producer SBTRKT teams up with vocalists D.RAM and Mabel on this jittery neo-soul track with elements of alternative R&B.

8) Nick Jonas & Tove Lo – Close

Sultry and moody R&B track which utilises steel pans and thunderous percussion. It’s a powerful track driven by Mattman and Robin’s tight production.

9) Barq – Gentle Kind of Lies

Quirky and brilliant Alternative R&B track with furious guitar riffs, funky bass lines and rock-influenced percussion. Jess Kav’s soulful vocals shine throughout.

10) James Morrison – Need you Tonight

Catchy pop track with funky guitar riffs, skipping bass lines and bright piano chords. Drawing upon disco and soul elements, it’s one of his best songs of his career.

Music Monday – Volume Ninety One

1) The 1975 – She’s American 

Funky indie-rock ballad which mirrors work by INXS & Duran. Slamming percussion, frantic guitar riffs and skippy synthesiser sounds provide the song’s instrumentation as Matt Healy sings of cultural differences between him and his American girlfriend. It’s brilliantly catchy and very witty lyrically.

2) The 1975 – This Must Be My Dream

Perhaps the best song on The 1975’s new album. The band demonstrate their impeccable synchronicity through layering gospel melodies, silky vocals, slamming percussion, driving bass lines and snarling guitar riffs. It’s a throwback to the new-jack-swing era in the late eighties and early nineties bought to popularity through producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Teddy Riley through musicians such as Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson.

3) The 1975 – Paris

Beautiful and mellow electropop ballad which imitates Yazoo’s ‘Only You’ to a point just before being eligible for a lawsuit. Sparse guitars, dizzy synthesisers and a gorgeous honeyed ‘again and again’ refrain makes this another of the album’s strongest tracks.

4) The 1975 – I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

A proficient, cleverly-created instrumental which punctuates the album beautifully. Pretty and melodic piano particles flutter over driving electronica whilst Healy’s lusciously layered vocals beg his lover not to leave. The track is lengthy at six minutes but is split into two parts, evolving into an uplifting and exquisitely beautiful house track.

5) The 1975 – Loving Someone

Giggling synthesisers and hiphop beats form the backdrop as Matt Healy half-raps his best lyrics to date; a cultural observation on the impact pop culture and celebrity have on youth.

6) Gallant & Jhene Aiko – Skipping Stones

Chilled-out neosoul track which carries a retro vibe. Gallant’s incredible vocals flutter into a rich falsetto over brass instruments, driving bass lines and twinkling keyboards.

7) Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

Uplifting and euphoric pop-rock track which is this year’s UK Eurovision entry. Whilst criticised by many for its generic formula and chord structure, it’s a powerful and beautiful track.

8) Laurel – Life Worth Living

Moody alternative-pop track which avoids over-production, instead focussing on using organic, pure instruments.

9) Zayn – Like I Would

Catchy alt-R&B track featuring elastic synthesisers, synthetic percussion and a brilliantly sing-song chorus.

10) The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect

Quirky and brilliantly written track which utilised genres such as baroque pop, psychedelic pop and experimental rock.


Music Monday – Volume Ninety

1) Zayn – It’s You

We know this has been featured before but we’re including the studio version this time. Stunning downtempo R&B track which utilises a minimalistic feel. Zayn’s gentle flasetto soars over fluttering synths and wailing guitars.

2) Bring me the Horizon – Follow You

Moody and powerful alternative-rock track with a huge chorus.

3) Corrine Bailey Rae – Been To The Moon

Innovative neo-soul track which utilises jazzy guitars, twinkling keys and sonic elements. It’s electro verses evolve into a breezy chorus which mirror ’70’s soul.

4) NAO – Fool To Love

Another brilliant neo-soul/alt-R&B track from East Londoner Nao. Her vocals glide over industrious synthesisers and hip-hop beats, resulting in a chilled-out track.

5) Ratboy – Move

Brilliant hip-hop/indie rock fusion with an incessantly catchy chorus. It does remind us somewhat of another song, however… *ahem The Beastie Boys’ ‘Body Movin’…*

6) Riton – Rinse & Repeat

Punchy bass lines, house beats and Azaelia Banks-influenced vocals drive this huge club smash.

7) BB Diamond – Feeling

Reminiscent of 90’s house with synthetic piano riffs and sweet vocals, this disco influenced club track is both uplifting and brilliant.

8) The Knocks – The Key

Catchy electro-track featuring elements of soul and rap. Comprised of funky bass lines, squeaky synths and slick vocals, this is underrated perfection.

9) The 1975 – If I Believe you

We’ve wanted to include lots of material from The 1975’s latest album for a while but we’re waiting for it to appear on Spotify! We had to include this track, however so here’s a recent live version which is loyal to the studio one. Stunning and accomplished biblical track on which Matt Healy searches for and beseeches a higher power to curb his loneliness. It channels Prince and D’angelo, utilising organic percussion, spine-tingling gospel choir vocals, eerie electro elements and an understated horn solo to create the best track The 1975 have ever done. [Read our review of their latest album here.]

10) Gallant – Bourborn

Stunning alt-R&B track from American singer-songwriter Christopher Gallant, under his stage name Bourborn. Syrupy vocals, including a stunning falsetto, coat dreamy 80’s-influenced synthpop instrumentation.


Music Monday – Volume Eighty Nine

1) Panic! At the Disco – Death of a Bachelor

Brilliant brass-infused tune which utilises a range of genres such as jazz, hip hop, EDM, trap and swing impeccably. Front-man Brendon Urie does his best imitation of Frank Sinatra amid hip hop beats, jittery synths and organic brass instruments.

2) The 1975 – Somebody Else

Powerful, emotive and raw song which lyrically tells of dealing with a past over moving onto somebody new. Gentle, tinkling synthesisers evolve into slamming ’80’s-influenced beats on this stunning love song. One of The 1975’s best ever songs.

3) Shura – Touch

Gentle and tentative synthpop track featuring fuzzy synths, pretty piano chords and ethereal vocals from Shura. Gorgeous.

4) Netsky ft Digital Farm Animals – Work It Out

Catchy EDM track with gospel vocals, fierce drum patterns and catchy piano riffs. Much in the same vein as Sigma’s ‘Nobody To Love’ two years ago in terms of repetition, catchiness and the use of piano riffs.

5) Gwen Stefani – Make Me Like You

Gwen Stefani resurrects her solo career with this catchy and funky disco-pop track. Chanelling The Cardigans’ ‘Lovefool’ and elements of Kylie, it’s one of Stefani’s best.

6) Zayn – It’s You

Gorgeous downtempo R&B ballad on which Zayn fully utilises his gorgeous feathery falsetto.

7) MUNA – Winterbreak

Dark electropop track featuring hollow beats, heavily processes vocals and gentle guitar riffs. Absolutely gorgeous.

8) All Tvvins – Unbelievable

Fierce electro-guitar track with a brilliant chorus and reverberating guitar riffs.

9) BJ The Chicago Kid & Kendrick Lamar – The New Cupid

Chilled out, retro inspired R&B/hiphop track with soulful guitar riffs and syrupy smooth vocals.

10) The Knocks & Walk The Moon – Best for Last

Brilliant electronic infused track with catchy bass riffs and Nicholas Petricca’s smooth vocals.